Custard Creams and Elementals

Yes, the last story in the collection, apart from “A Solemn Curfew”, and it really is called “Custard Creams and Elementals.”

First the biscuit versus cookie question. I am English, so I say biscuit and this gives me the option of biccie if I am feeling affectionate to a variety on offer. I also say biscuit barrel and not cookie jar.

Having cleared up that sticky problem, let us move on to custard creams.

These are my husband’s favourite biscuits, only chocolate bourbons running them a close second. I would rather put a cardboard and brick dust sandwich in my mouth.

So, when Marjorie had to chose what to feed her little captives, it had to be custard creams..

The picture is of nice  (biccies) biscuits.


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“A Solemn Curfew”

A while ago I was asked to contribute to an anthology called “The Secrets of Castle Drakon.” Being me, my thoughts didn’t go to the dungeons or the battlements or the Great Hall, they went straight to the kitchens.

And I wrote “A Solemn Curfew” a tale of greed and corruption and fun and mushrooms all set in the kitchens of a castle. The title comes from Shakespeare’s The Tempest

“Is to make midnight mushrooms, that rejoice

To hear the solemn curfew…”

 My “hero”, a vegetable cook called Quine starts out on a path to fame and glory, but on the way he does a lot of cooking and one of the things he cooks is salsify. Isn’t it pretty!
Actually, once you’ve peeled it like a carrot, cut it into batons, boiled it until just tender; then egged and bread crumbed the bits and fried them crisp, it is absolutely delicious. Never judge by appearance.
Unfortunately the anthology is no longer available, but the story is. And currently free if you have Kindle Unlimited.