Kitchen 10: Marmalade Ice Cream!

I love marmalade, I like that grown up bitter sweet flavour and the freshness if orange that its able to retain.

Here in England it’s at this time of year when the Seville Oranges from Spain make their brief seasonal appearance.

These odd bitter oranges make the very best marmalade and are marvellous for any savoury recipe that uses orange juice, especially very old ones, as once these were the only oranges available.

I’m not going to list preserving recipes, everyone has their own favourite one or their own favourite brand. A plug here for the Prince of Wales Duchy brand, the Clementine Marmalade is to die for.

But I am going to encourage everyone to do more than lavish it on toast in the morning.

Buy a tub of your favourite vanilla ice cream, allow it to thaw to the point where you can just stir it about and add half a jar of marmalade. You may need to soften it if its a very well set one, warm it gently and add some orange juice ( or lemon or lime or grapefruit depending on the type), cool and then fold the preserve through the ice cream and refreeze.

If you have an adult audience, and in my experience kids don’t much like marmalade, add a slurp of Cointreau.

Serve it with some nice short bread biscuits ( cookies for all you Americans)