Mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese


Continuing my trail though what you can expect in the new anthology.

“Say Cheese”

First off, despite the title, this is not about photography. I know those words suggest a desperate wedding snapper faced with a group shot, you know the sort – the mother of the groom wasn’t able to talk him out of marrying the little hussy and the father of the bride has just worked out how much this has cost him…”say cheese”…snap!

No, no, this really is about cheese., proper cheese, made in a dairy by a dairy maid who milked the cow herself, (I just know the word “udders” is hovering on someone’s lips out there) and of course it wouldn’t be written by me if the course of curd pressing went smoothly.

Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”

G. K. Chesteron

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