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Books By Bev Allen

The Lord of the Faran Hills

When Aulay Fitzgellis allowed himself to be talked into rebellion against his brother the king, it never crossed his mind he might not win.


The Tattooed Tribes



Forgotten settlers who have become tribes on their new home world.  A wilderness planet.  And new colonists with an agenda.  One man can stop a war but who can he trust?

A Solemn Curfew and Other Dark Tales.


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 A collection of eight dark fantasy stories. There is the small girl knows what is living at the bottom of the garden. And the woman who has no idea what is living in hers. The stranger upstairs who doesn’t know why the sea is important. And the woman next door who shouldn’t have been so busy. In the fens a boy longs to hear a swan sing its last. And in the dairy there is a problem cheese. A wife who just needs a good nights sleep and finally the ambitious vegetable chef toiling away in a castle kitchen thwarted at every turn.

A Solemn Curfew

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. It is included in the box set available on Amazon for purchase and on Kindle Unlimited for subscribers.


Currently in editing for re-release


“Jabin” a novel stuffed full of soldiers is currently undergoing a revamp, but will be back again soon. Not bothered by soldiers….you’re stronger than me, I have trouble resisting a uniform…never mind, you will find destitute orphans, beautiful slave girls, dastardly pirates and a light dusting of royalty, clergy and repellent relatives. It’s sci-fi folks, just not as you expect it

Stories contained in other works

Autaia Pipipi Pia by Bev Allen

Christmas Around the World (Doctor Who: Short Trips) Cover

Christmas Around the World (Doctor Who: Short Trips)

It is New Zealand, 1980, and the Doctor decides to make Christmas cake and sends Sarah to the supermarket to buy ingredients.  She discovers a shortage of turkeys leading to panic buying and is caught in a stampede during which the roof of the supermarket opens and the turkeys, the shoppers and Sarah are swept up.  They are dropped into the hold of an Hazoodian alien space ship where the turkeys are being used to make special ale. Unfortunately, one of the shoppers falls into the brewing process, improving the recipe greatly. The Doctor must rescue Sarah, the shoppers and the turkeys from becoming a five star recipe.