The Tattooed Tribes


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A tribal maiden kidnapped on the way to her betrothal is the excuse needed to start a war

A war some would welcome with open arms.

Jon Harabin, Tribal Liaison Officer, warrior, woodsman and diplomat is just the man needed to stop it.

But will Lucien , his new apprentice help or hinder him?

Which side is he on?

Who wants peace and who seeks the chance to exploit the natural richness of this world and is willing to use war as the means to get it?

The author has managed to intertwine the world of Science Fiction with fantasy and more; it is a marriage of genres and it works beautifully aided by her deft and descriptive touch.  I’m very aware of spoilers and this book is too good to spoil for the reader, it is a clever, thoughtful and deeply insightful journey into our fears, our joys, and the traditions that make us human and vulnerable.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.

— Soooz Burke

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about these tribes on another world, the jungle, the river, the sense of colour and culture, and the characters are real, I certainly identified with them. Even the criminals were well-rounded and believable, and added spice to an already exotic tale.

Add to that some great twists and surprises and it will keep you reading too. Definitely worth it!