Coming to a Garden Near You

Soon going to be Anthology Time!

I’m so excited I may have to do some housework to get rid of the pent up energy.

I’m sorry, I’m so excited I made a silly joke just then…me, doing housework   I may once have dusted a chest of draws, but it was a long tome ago and I got over it.

Back to the anthology…what is going to be included? I know I said things like “the one about cheese”, but I thought you might like more of a hint.

The fist story is the one about the man and the pond, it is called “Cunning Water“. I have a fondness for The Bard and he is a great source of titles. This one comes from King John where someone says “trust not those cunning waters“.

So who shouldn’t, apart from King John of course? That would be Brenda, living with husband Kevin in their brand new house on a brand new green field housing estate somewhere, as they say, in England.

All Brenda wants from life is a nice clean home and the sort of garden you can, at a pinch, vacuum.

Kevin has ideas which involve the one thing Brenda hates most, dirt.

He even wants a pond.

Brenda nearly fainted at the thought.


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