An Interesting Week

It’s been…challenging, to say the least. My godmother died and left me all her books and china. It was very nice of her, but she was 93 and an avid collector of both, so I have a lifetime’s collection.

It arrived this week. Seventy-one very large packing cases which are now the main feature of my living room and tower over me to the ceiling. There is a carpet under there somewhere, I remember it, it was a nice one my brother brought me back from Afghanistan. I hope to see it again one day.

And, of course, I said I would re-publish “The Tattooed Tribes” this week, not anticipating the chaos that now surrounds me. However, I managed and it is now on Amazon.

Ecology, the environment and conservation are one of my main concerns. Gerald Durrell convinced me we needed to take care of our planet and its wildlife when I wasn’t even a teenager and the need hasn’t lessened, just the opposite.

“The Tattooed Tribes” is an adventure story and it is set on a distant colony world, but it is about looking after that world and doing so for the benefit of all the life forms which walk upon it.

Available now on KU and Amazon

A lost Colony. A Forest planet. And Greedy bastards trying to exploit it.
Can one man stop it?


book cover tattooed Tribes


Coming Soon

I will be re-launching “The Tattooed Tribes” in early March.

Here’s a taste


The Tattooed Tribes

I will be re-launching “The Tattooed Tribes” next month, we’re just sorting out a new cover and a few other things and it will be back on Amazon.

I don’t know how many of you out there are concerned about the environment, but for me it is probably the most important problem we as a species are facing. “The Tattooed Tribes” is about a world soon to face the sort of damage we’ve done to our own beautiful planet, but they have the chance and the will and the means to stop it.

I didn’t want to write a sermon, so I wrote a sic-fi/fantasy an adventure story full of tattooed warriors, tribal maidens, deep green woods and huge flowing rivers instead.

I added couple of heroes – Jon Harabin, a Master Traveller in the Tribal Liaison Guild, single, 30ish, good looking?…maybe, but a tough, seasoned woodsman who is a fighter and a diplomat.

With him is his apprentice, Lucien. He’s sixteen and in need of a swift smack around the lughole if he is going to live up to the potential Jon sees in him.

Mix in a mystery, a kidnapping and a fight to the death, add some really nasty villains and there you have it!

Eco-warriors GO!