Why I’m Not Writing

At the moment I can’t concentrate.

Why I hear you cry.

Because, in a moment of total madness I said I would organise our next quilt show. I think I’ve done it, more or less, but as a famous general once said, no plan survives its first encounter with the enemy.

Done it or not, its keeping me awake at night. And I don’t mean tossing and turning, I mean laying in the dark staring at the ceiling. I usually get up when the birds begin to warble.

However, judging from what contributions I have seen so far, the ladies of Market Square Quilters have done me proud and there will be some glorious quilts on show.

This year’s charity ( we raffle a full sized double bed quilt made by us, its the one in the back ground of the picture. Made from American Civil War reproduction fabrics) is Living Paintings.


Not a famous charity, but check out what they do, I think you’ll be impressed.

If you are anywhere near, come along and see us…okay, I know its a bit far for you lovely followers in America and India ( love you guys), but should you feel the need to jump on a plane and come, there will be cake and I’ll buy the tea.

Keep watching quilt lovers, because once the show is over I will posting pictures.


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    Bev, when I was a good deal younger but, still I suspect older than you are now I decided I only had a limited amount of time and I would not: organise anything, serve on any committees, or, basically do anything that I didn’t want to do that wasn’t performing or writing. I can recommend it.

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