Quilts and Me

When I’m not writing or cooking or pretending to do housework, I make quilts. Unfortunately quilt making is highly addictive and comes with the additional hazard of fabric buying.

My name is Bev, I’m a fabricoholic. It’s less than a week since I last bought fabric.

Well…I was feeling rotten and it was only two half metres. I screwed up my anthology being a bit of a techno idiot, so “A Solemn Curfew and Other Dark Tales” won’t be back on Amazon until 23rd Feb. And I just got such a good review,

“Drippy, oozy, sometimes funny, often scary and very original”

Wasn’t that just about the nicest thing anyone could say about a collection of weird stories? I was chuffed to bits. I really liked the “oozy” part.

Back to quilting. apart from the sewing part, it is a bit like story writing, you take a lot of not necessarily harmonious parts, cut them about a bit and then try and make something whole out of it. I would have liked to say “perfect” there, but I am an “oh-sod-it-that-will-do” quilter.

I try very hard not to be an “oh-sod-it-that-will-do” writer.

Anyway, bear with me, I will get the anthology back up and I will publish “The Tattooed Tribes” for 6th March.

And, if all goes according to plan ( stop laughing at the back), I will bring you my new novel “The Lord of the Faran Hills” sometime in April.

In the meantime, here’s a quilt I made earlier.wedding-etc-013

8 thoughts on “Quilts and Me

  1. I last saw that quilt before it had its edges (er, you can tell I’m NOT a quilter!). It looked great then, its stunning now. Looking forward to the ‘Lord of the Faran Hills’.

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  2. That quilt is only beautiful I love the colours. And ‘oozy’ seemed just right. There’s a lot of weird water in those stories.

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