New Anthology


Some news.

I know I promised several people that my next post would be one of my dark fantasy stories (or, as my husband calls them ‘the weird b*llocks’), but after much deliberation and not a little panic (as I once explained to someone, I have the confidence of a cat in a room full of rocking chairs and the back bone of a  whelk) I have decided to publish all of them in an anthology.

The title is still a matter for debate, but it will include “A Solemn Curfew” as well as seven other stories.

Just to tempt you, these will be

  1. The one about the man who had sex with his garden pond.
  2. The vile kid who wants to hear a dying swan sing.
  3. The one about the cheese. Here is some cheese. cheese_on_shelf_1914081
  4. Maud and the Garden
  5. The snoring bishop one.
  6. The Stalker and the Sea
  7. Custard Cream one. And here is a custard cream




So, while I won’t be sharing the ‘weird b*llocks’ here, I will continue to share other stories I have written and would love you to enjoy. See the next post for the first.