You knew it had to come!

I love to cook and I love to feed people, but we need to respect the things that provide us with food and the way its produced.

The first thing that needs respect is the land itself. Without being stupid about it, I try to buy organic. To be honest, apart from eggs, meat and milk, I don’t think you can tell a great deal of difference from the taste, even with veggies (sorry), but it is the care of the land and its long term ability to produce crops that should be the reason to buy organic.

If you eat meat and eggs then you should have a modicum of gratitude to the beast that provided it. At least allow them a reasonable life before you end it and use them. Respect, nothing more.

But fish is different.

All fish, except the farmed stuff is free range and organic and we are stripping the seas and waters bare! Traditional catches are down because stocks have been reduced to the point where they can’t reproduce themselves and the industry is turning to deep sea species.

Fish whose life cycle we don’t understand, but who probably have slow breeding rates. How long before they are reduced to near extinction levels?

I no longer buy marine fish. I’m not sure what the long term effects of farmed fish are, but it is a better option than lifeless oceans.

If we all gave the seas a chance to rest and the fish a chance to rebuild their numbers, there is no reason why a sensible harvest couldn’t be taken and continue to be taken, but not at the present rate of going.

If the fish go, so will all those other residents of the planet who eat fish. Whales, dolphins, seals and all those wonderous seabirds.

Next time you see a mountain of canned tuna, give a little though to just how many fish it took to fill those cans. And all the other can mountains in all the other supermarkets. And in all the supermarkets in all the other countries of the world.