Kitchen 7: Maid’s Warm Trout with Hot Potato Salad

Having said all that about fish generally, I do still buy farmed fish. Unfortunately I don’t think it has the flavour of the wild version, but with a little care it can be made into something good.

I shouldn’t take any credit for this, because I read it somewhere. The trouble is, I can’t never remember where, so I cook I think the recipe said. It tastes great though!

You will need

I fresh farmed trout per person ( gutted and scaled)

Sliced onions

Pepper corns

Brown sugar

White wine vinegar

A bay leaf.


First the trout.

Fillet or not to fillet? You can always get your fishmonger to do this, but make sure you take out the pin bones as well. I tend to leave mine unfilleted, I’ve gone to the trouble of cooking it, they can go to the trouble of eating it.

Head on or head off? Mine aren’t worried, but if yours are, or the fish won’t fit in the pan, behead them by all means.

Do remove the fins though. And trim up the tail a bit.

Now prepare the cooking liquid. Fill a pan big enough to take the fish with water. Add the sliced onion, half a dozen pepper corns, the bay leaf, a dessert spoon of brown sugar, a generous pinch of salt and three tablespoons of white wine vinegar.

Bring to the boil and then add the fish.

Spoon off any scum that rises to the top and turn down to a simmer.

Poach the fish gently for about seven to eight minutes and then leave them to cool in the liquid.

When they are still just warm, lift them out and drain well, patting dry with kitchen paper. Discard all the cooking liquid, onions and spices.

Serve with hot potato salad.

You will need

Waxy salad potatos

A few little pickled gerkins

A handful of finely chopped fresh dill

Olive oil


Boil the potatos until tender, drain and while they are still hot crush them or chop them up quickly. Throw in the dill and the pickles. Season with the salt and dress with the oil. Serve immediately.