Kitchen 6: Chicken Liver Salad

Now half of you have gone “liver…yuck!” which is a pity because it can be delicious. I think most of us have hideous memories of childhood abominations served up in the name of “good for you”.

This might convert some liver haters.

First prepare your salad. A good mix of crisp and soft leaves. I like little gem, lamb’s lettuce and some sprouted seeds like mustard and cress, but use whatever you like best. Baby spinach is another good one, but avoid the more bitter red coloured leaves, I don’t think they compliment the soft velvet texture and taste of the livers.

Dress it with a good French dressing made from your best olive oil and put piles of it on individual plates.

For the livers you will need

About 4 rashers of smoked streaky bacon (the sort that goes crisp when fried)

Chicken livers. The amount will depend on greed, but they are filling, so temper greed with common sense.

Sherry vinegar (optional)

Oil for frying. Not your best oil, a bland one like sunflower, whatever you use every day.

Wash the livers in cold water, be gentle with them. Dry on kitchen paper.

Trim them well, discarding all and any yucky bits ( I recycle all those into a cat who is always very grateful and spends the next 3 hours sleeping it off like a lion after a eating an zebra) . Cut what remains into nice bite sized pieces.

Slice the bacon into cubes and fry in a tiny drop of oil until they go crisp. Lift them out of the pan, leaving as much fat behind as possible and drain on some more paper.

Toss on the livers. If there doesn’t look as if there is enough fat to cook them add the smallest knob of butter.

Fry them quickly until they are done, but still slightly pink in the centre, this doesn’t take long. Whatever you do, don’t over cook them, they will go tough and bring back all those memories of “good for you.”

Quickly deglaze the pan with a tablespoon of sherry vinegar. This isn’t vital, but it lifts the flavours wonderfully.

Serve straight onto your pile of dressed leaves and scatter the bacon pieces over the top.

I don’t think this needs anything else but some crisp fresh bread and butter to eat with it. Speaking for myself I think you want the pale creamy slightly salted continental butter with this, not the yellow, saltier stuff, but that is just me being picky.

For those cutting back on dairy, the bread could be dipped on some more of your best olive oil.

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