Kitchen 5: Eton Mess

Did a dish ever have a more unpromising title! Do not be put off.

You will need

Half a pint of double cream ( that’s heavy cream in America I believe)

Some meringues. I see no point in standing and making them for this, you just end up trying to find a use for a couple of egg yolks and finally end up throwing them out, buy a box full instead!

A punnett of strawberries ( about half a pound)

Whip the cream to the floppy stage.

Put the meringues in a bag and thump them with something heavy until they are crushed. Don’t try to get a universal crumb, a mix of bit sizes is best.

Crush the strawberries. Don’t be tempted to put them in the blender or processor, you will get to much juice. Mash them with a fork, it takes a few minutes, but it’s worth it.

Now just combine everything, cream, meringue bits and strawberries.

Deadly fattening of course, but wonderful to eat.

And this will go around about 6 people…or it should go around 6! I notice that left alone in the fridge it rapidly only goes around 4 people and if you take your eyes off it all that is left can be scrapped out with a finger.


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